From Vows To Wows ..!!

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”- Mignon Mc Laughlin

The first love, The first hug, The first date, The first kiss, The first valentines, The first week, The first month…. In the world of first….  here is our post all about our first wedding anniversary. 🙂 Although, it’s hard to believe that almost two and half years have already passed, since Priyank and I were Married but, I still classifies me as newly wed .. 😉 lol

Our love story goes back to UKG class sitting on a same bench, learning the alphabet with him. We grew up sharing lunch-boxes, pencils and eraser until the 5th standard. Then, we moved to different cities and lost the track. In our  college days, Orkut helped us to get again in touch. 🙂 I guess, most of you will agree that Orkut played a vital role to meet love birds in those days.;) We exchanged our contacts and this led to the beginning of new chapter of life. We got closer sharing our day to day life.:) In between, Priyank proposed me several times but I never took him seriously. However, my feelings started blooming for him and I finally said yes..:) And that day became the most precious day of our lives. Now its time for to be in long distance relationship for almost five years, as Priyank moved to USA for his doctorate degree. But weirdly, distance made our love blossom. 🙂

Aaahhhh this post is making me nostalgic and compelling you guys to go through our love story 😉 hahahaa but, now back to the post. I have been happily married to my childhood friend. I can say I’m more in love with Priyank today than I was earlier, or when we first said “I Do”.

As an every girl have own dreams for their wedding day so as me. I always wanted a romantic, white and dreamy wedding. But our Parents have their own dreams, as they wanted a big fat Indian wedding for us like every other parent. So, we dropped our idea and happily got married following the Indian Traditions. 🙂

But there is a famous say.. “Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life Love gives you a Fairy- tale.”

I remember very well the day when Priyank came back home with a box of my wedding gown and told me about his idea (which he had in his mind since I shared about my dream wedding) to get married again in our own very special way. (That moment…wohoooo goosebumps in me, I was almost about to cry with a feeling of joy and happiness)

It really felt so wonderful when you get married again with the same person in your own very special dreamy way 🙂 And guys you wouldn’t believe the compliments and wishes that we received during our photo-session were even more than our actual wedding day 😉 So many people got inspired with our this idea of celebrating first wedding anniversary. It was the best feeling so far, when people appreciate your ideas with so much love 🙂 This was again same feeling all over again the day I became Priyank’s wife. Our first year as Mr & Mrs was so beautiful. Thanks to my brilliant Husband making my life so perfect and beautiful more than any fairy-tale I ever imagined. I am beyond blessed… 🙂







Priyank _ Chayani








Photo Collage Maker_vk2HOx




Remember, someone somewhere is made for you 🙂

P.S. If, we will be getting married again (we are sure, we will) it would definitely be a beach wedding along with our kidoos. 🙂

As first anniversary is as special as your wedding so here I am sharing few exciting ways to celebrate your dream day:

Get Married again: The best way to celebrate your first marriage anniversary is to get married again in a way that you dreamed about.. along with your personal photo shoot. As, memories are made for life-time.

Get Crafty: If you feel that you are little artsy, create something for your partner or write a hand written letter, as DIY is the best way to show your feelings and love. (I had gifted so many DIY gifts to Priyank . (May be, I will put them sometime on the Blog.)

Re-Create your First Date: Anniversary is the best time to recall the unique moment once again. Our first date was at Mr. Beans in Jaipur. Since we can’t go miles away from where we first dated; we somehow try to re-create the date and went to another coffee place in Houston.

Try Something New: Try to do something new or something you always wanted to do together. It could be a baking, singing, swimming or anything else which you both like. Plan a trip for your dreamed destination or anything you Love.

Just Be Together: The most important thing is to celebrate your lives together. Make sure, no emails, no phone, no office… only you and your love. After all, it’s all your day so enjoy as much as you can.. by just be together.

Hope, you guys enjoyed the reading and pictures. How you guys celebrated or planning to celebrate you anniversary would love to hear from you 🙂 Leave me a note in the comments below!

Love and Smiles


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  1. You both are such a lovely couple and your special bonding comes across here.
    It is just a fairy tale to know your loved one from childhood.
    Love the idea of getting married. Maybe I will try something like that too 😀
    The pictures are amazing and love your ideas on it.
    Keep enjoying you both!
    Richa | Fancier’s World

  2. Omg! You guys look so great together! The story is so sweet and the fact that you guys knew each other since childhood and marrying that person is truly a fairytale! These pictures surely speak of that 🙂 Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness!

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