Sweet & Savory Dates

Hello everyone…!!  Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.:) Hope all of you guys had a blast and fantastic New Year celebrations as we …!!:)

My first post for the year 2016 – “Sweet & Savory Dates” full of Power and Energy…so can be called as “Power packed Dates”. Dates provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals. In the Islamic culture, after the Sun-set during Ramadan, dates either with yogurt or milk are traditionally the first food consumed for If-tar.


As Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East . So here in Doha , you can find a variety of dates differing in taste, color, size, carbohydrate, and calorie count. Based on the texture, mainly three groups of dates exist : Soft , Semi-dry, and Dry.


Although dates have a great taste but why to have just dates for your snack, Let’s stuff them with more taste and nutrients to have a little bundle of joy and energy. So that will be an snack that is super healthy and super yummy. Today, I am going to present one of the savory version of dates as why to always have sweet Dates..?? It is just a minute or even few seconds instant recipe… So must try for all..!!:)

Recipe Type : Dessert

Cuisine : Middle-East

Ingredients :

Dates (any variety which you like)
Salted cashew (which give dates savory flavor)
Coconut powder for garnishing



First half cut the Dates with the help of knife and remove the  stones or you can use dates without stones easily available in the market. Now just place a salted cashew in the hollow Date… Yessss a “Salted Cashew”…that provides savory and yummy  flavor to your dates !!! These sweet & savory version of dates will not only satisfy your taste bud but also give you all the essential nutrients.

1 2 IMG_0369

You can also show your creativity by sprinkling some coconut powder on your energy bundle..:) And your dessert is ready for munching any time of day…:)  You can store it for months in an airtight jar… or can gift a pack of these healthy and yummy energy bundles  to your loved ones..!! And this recipe will let you win in the no-fire cooking competition.. So cheers…:)  keep munching & stay healthy ..!!




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