Strawberry – Picking ..!!

Strawberries are the most widely grown fruit in the world and the most consumed fruit in America. Plain, dipped in chocolate, or be in jellies, jam, and smoothies, strawberries are everyone’s favorite. As well as, picking strawberry is one of our’s favorite thing to do in summers. 🙂 There are plenty of farms in Houston, but we chose Froberg ‘s Farm. Strawberry picking season starts sometime in mid January and ends late May.


Farm opens seven days a week from 9 to 6 pm (if weather permits) as it offers other home grown fruits and vegetables too. But it is always advisable to call the farm before you leave home to know current operating hours. The availability of strawberry is determined by the weather and the number of people who have been picking berries. I and Priyank made a plan for Saturday morning as the weather forecast suggested rain in later half of the day.  We left home early in the morning as farm was about an hour and half driving distance and also didn’t want to get stuck in weekend rush or may be it was our first visit… so much excitement was there..! 🙂 😛





At Farm:

After driving so much when we reached at Farm, parked the car and exited. Oh my god..!  we could really smell the sweet smell of strawberries.. 🙂 I was just craving to eat them all..!! 🙂 On that day, there were a lot of families along with their children and some school kids for picnic and picking.




PS: I can never get off posing.. 😉 😛


First, we bought a Froberg’s bucket as no outside container are allowed. The bucket cost is $ 1.00 but keep in mind that they accept only cash. Before going to the field, instructor mentions few rules for the safety of you and everyone. The whole process was very friendly and organized. After that, we started picking the best strawberries and let me tell you guys.. those were so fresh and yummy 🙂



Finding the fully red berries. uhh is not so easy..!!



Look they are so fresh and red..!!


We picked full red berries as instructor told us that berries don’t continue to ripen once they are picked. We picked them very carefully and pop them into our bucket. Once, our basket was full, we went back to store as they have scale to weigh your box of berries. Farm charges you based on the weight of berries and usually they are about $2.35/pound and they accept cash, check, credit or debit for it.


The best strawberries that you will ever taste will always come from garden…!! 🙂



Finally, we exchanged our tasks.. !! lol

Things to pack : 

Dress comfortably , Sunscreen, Sunglass, Hat to protect yourself from the Sun, Some insect repellent specially in rain, Plenty  of water and few snacks.

So, guys plan your trip to a strawberry picking farm and grab the fresh and juicy berries.

Have a berry good week ahead..!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures..!! 🙂

Love and Smiles

Chayani 🙂

My Wardrobe:

Shorts: Zara
Top: Topshop
Footwear: Bata, Watch: Timex
Sunnies and Neck-piece: Macy’s

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  1. Wow it seems a gr8 experince at berry garden n you wrote so amazingly seems lyk m also moving here n there with u at farm n picking the berries . N one thing i wud lyk to mention u r more frsh n sweet thn berries .. much luv

  2. That’s amazing Chayani!! Looks like so much fun. I went apple picking last fall. It was a great experience! I’m planning on strawberry picking this summer as well.
    Have a great day babe! 🙂

    1. Thank you kavya for stopping by..!!:) yes its always great fun either its apple picking or strawberry..:) Do not forget to share your experience on strawberry picking, Drooling. 😉

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