Second Trimester Pregnancy Update

It just seems like I wrote my First trimester recap. But now, I am few days away from starting my third trimester. YAY..!! I am gonna hit 28 weeks in just few days and can’t believe I get to meet this little babe so soon! You probably have heard that 2nd trimester of pregnancy is by far the best of three, and I have to say that its 100% true! My second trimester was so wonderful and full of joy.:) So today, I would continue with the details of my second trimester.

1. More Energy : One thing, I complained about my first trimester was my extreme tiredness. I wanted to just sleep and sleep for those three months. 😆 I was so lethargic in my first trimester of pregnancy. But on my 2nd trimester all of that lethargy vanished. I am extremely productive and energetic during this phase of pregnancy. Also, I am more inspired and motivated with each day of passing and my happiness level is on just sky high.

2. Body Changes:  In my first trimester, it was so easy for me to hide my little baby bump. People usually asked me “you’re gaining weight” ? hahaha! but nobody had the idea of my pregnancy. But, I started growing quickly during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Now, my belly has changed into a cute belly bump. Also, my skin is  actually getting better day by day  and I am receiving so many compliments.:) And, I am loving it..!! The 2nd trimester is the best time to start documenting my pregnancy.

3. Kicks and Movements:  The best part of the 2nd trimester is that you start feeling the movements and kicks of your baby and that really makes you realize that a miracle is growing inside you! 🙂 It’s such a surreal experience. I started to feel my baby’s first kick on 19 week. At first, it was just kind of felt like a little fluttering movement or sometimes I felt like my baby is tickling me from the inside and I couldn’t help that really makes me smile. 🙂 By the end of 23rd week, Priyank also has been feeling the punches and kicks of baby. YAAAYYY..!! And, It was seriously the most incredible thing to finally share this baby kick with him. 🙂

4. 20 week Scan: The highlight and my favorite part of the pregnancy during this trimester was our detailed ultrasound at 20th week. It was just incredible to see the human growing inside your belly with a heart, a pulse, a spine, arms, legs , eyes, nose and those cute lips 🙂 The baby was super active during the scan and we were really happy and thrilled. 🙂 Also, that was the time when we found our baby’s gender. As Priyank and I have decided not to reveal it on social media until the baby arrives. So hold on guys and keep guessing..!!

5. Babymoon: Wohhooo!! This is also the perfect time to getaway for your babymoon. Choose your dream destination and enjoy some quality time together. As you guys already know we went to Greece for our babymoon. You can read detailed post on travel tips and essential for the babymooning in Greece in my previous post.(here)

6. Cravings: I am now constantly hungry and eating as much as I can! : lol: And, my sweet cravings have been insane during this trimester of pregnancy. I love everything that is SWEET!

7. Shopping: I have started shopping for maternity clothes, by the end of this trimester. In Doha Festival City,  LC Waikiki store really have super cute maternity collection. Although ASOS and Topshop maternity clothes, by far are my favorite. 🙂 but last time when I visited the store few week back, I was really so happy to see their entire maternity collection and ended up with buying 4 maternity tops, 2 pair of maternity pants, and couple of dresses from there.  Yes! we have also started buying some baby clothes and essentials. It’s getting harder to resist myself to buy those cute things. Also, we have started working for the nursery of our baby. And, I can’t tell you how exciting I’ve been picking up the furniture and decor for our little bundle of joy’s future bedroom. I hope soon, I’m gonna share nursery pictures with you guys.

8. Exercise: It is the perfect time to start or continue exercise again. However, If you are not into exercise or feel like you need to be cautious right now with exercise, Like me…. 😛 Don’t worry walking is a great alternative.:) I am walking about 30 minutes on daily basis and it really works to keep me energetic. Also, you can find tons of Pregnancy work out pins on Pinterest to help you get started with exercise.

9. Reading: I and Priyank have been reading a lot during this time. We are trying to collect all the knowledge in every possible way !

10. Sleeping: I’d been usually a back-sleeper or right hand side sleeper but my Doctor suggested me to sleep by left hand side during this trimester. This transition was little hard for me but thanks to Mamas & Papas’s Nursing pillow.

Second trimester has been such an wonderful experience for me. I’ve been full of energy and enthusiasm during this period. But, as all pregnancy are not same, you all mommies may or may not be having the same energy in your second trimester pregnancy as mine but hang in there mommies! We all are so blessed to have this beautiful gift after this long 9 months. So, enjoy your pregnancy! 🙂

Thank you again  guys for following us along this beautiful journey! I really love to read all your valuable suggestions and advice.

Love & Smiles


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  1. I agree. Second trimester is the best. I did enjoy it too. Get ready for more kicks abs more hunger. Take care

  2. Awwwwww I am so happy for you love!!! I can already feel how excited you guys must be and that was a great post. Much love

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