Sand-Sational-Jumeirah Beach

Are you a beach bum…?? I am totally  toes in the sand kind of girl ..!! Yes, the beach is my favorite place on earth (Okay, I absolutely love mountains too..) but I am a true blue beach bum by heart. 🙂 And, I am so blessed to be in Doha as the place have so many beautiful beaches close by.

I love everything about the beach be it sun, sand, water, waves, sea gulfs, and palm trees. Sitting on the beach, right in the sand, looking at endless sea, feel the salty hair, sipping coconut water, and watching those massive waves coming in always make me feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. One of my favorite things to do at beach is to look for seashells and collect them as memories :). It really makes me realize how beautiful the nature is. I read somewhere ” You are one step closer to Heaven, when you are at Beach”. And, I think this quote completely sums up my feeling for the beach.

So, the last year in September when we were in Dubai, Me and Mr. husband decided to go Jumeirah beach along the side of the most stunning view of very famous 7-star hotel “Burj Al Arab“. It’s sail-like unique shape makes it one of the most iconic building in Dubai. And your Dubai  trip can ever be complete without taking a photo with it. 😛 Although, it is visible from the every corner of the city but you can see it most clearly from the Jumeirah beach which is right across it. The beach is very clean, family friendly, less crowded, and easily accessible by metro and bus. It’s only 30 km away from the Dubai International Airport. I just loved the white sand, several shades of blue crystal clear water, and the beautiful picturesque surroundings. We really had so much fun, Goshhhh!! now I really started missing our time at the beach. Anyway, If you are ever in Dubai, don’t forget to visit this beautiful beach and share your beautiful pictures with us #Priyaniflyingbirds on Instagram.

So, here are some stunning shots to get inspired you to go Jumeirah beach. Enjoy !!!

Keep smiling, Keep rocking,


Dress : H&M

Photography : Priyank maheshwari

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