Pregnancy Recap- First Trimester

Thank You all lovely people for sending so many wishes on our way about my baby announcement news last week only! It was so much fun to read everyone’s well wishes, questions, advices. We really feel so blessed to share this beautiful journey with you all.  Since many of you have been asking about my first trimester and pregnancy journey so far; I am going to share my Journey with you all from a little bit of first trimester. Don’t worry I am not going to turn into a mommy blogger. Priyani-flyingbirds will remain the same with lots of travel inspiration, style, and food but as promised with just the added tidbit of pregnancy and motherhood.

I am so excited to write this recap.. the first trimester of pregnancy was pure bliss! It was such an exciting time of not being able to get over the fact that we were actually pregnant and surprising friends and family with our news. However, it was full of tiredness, nervousness and moments of ups and downs but at the same time the most wonderful and memorable time as there is so much going all at once! The excitement of creating a new life, the secret you can’t wait to tell your friends and family, seeing your baby first ultrasound, hearing your baby heartbeat and so many exciting things. Seriously, it has been the best three month of my life…. Our Life..!! 😀

Getting Pregnant: Being pregnant was something that I always dreamed, wished, hoped and prayed like many other girls!  As, I am about to leave my 20’s soon and I really wanted to give the birth to my child before I turned into big 30.( yes! we were trying hahahaha so many people asked me this funny question 😛 ) And, in this case Priyank and I somehow got lucky and succeed just after few months when we decided that we are ready for baby.  🙂

How We Found Out: It was a weekend and we just returned from some shopping and I had been feeling little low. Although, I didn’t feel any other pre-pregnancy symptom that made me think I was Pregnant, the only thing is my period got delayed by 2 days. As, we were already trying so I just decided to took a pregnancy test at home first! Omg.. those pink lines…. the test was positive. I called Priyank in bathroom only 😛 and showed him the test. He started jumping with happiness.. Are you serious? Are you serious? I was thrilled but little overwhelmed 🙂 We both hugged each other and started crying. Happiness just came out in the form of tears..:) That was definitely the moment, we will never forget… all emotions at once.. shock, surprise, happiness,nervousness, hugs and tears. We couldn’t describe how utterly we were delighted with this news, even we couldn’t sleep that night. The very next day, we had appointment with our doctor just to be surer and yes..!! our doctor also confirmed and congratulated us on our pregnancy!! 😀

How We Announced: It was so hard to keep the secret with the family and friends. I immediately called my mom just after the positive home test. After the Doctor visit, we broke the news with other family members. Both the parents were equally excited for the baby! It would be the first baby in both the families so I guess you can sense their excitement.
(I also did share the news with few of my close friends after that shortly) But, Priyank and I decided to keep the news secret until after our 20 week scan to announce my pregnancy on social media and blog.

How I Felt?: Morning sickness is one of the most common pregnancy symptom as I have friends and family members who have been sick the entire 40 week but I have been lucky and blessed with fairly easy pregnancy. I was not feeling morning sickness but started feeling little low tiredness, exhaustion and breast tenderness. I used to sleep 9 to 10 hours at night and taking 2-3 hours of nap in the afternoon. (Apparently, I was sleeping more than half a day!) Also on some days, I even couldn’t keep my eyes open so was on EAT, SLEEP and REPEAT mode. 😛

Food Craving: My food craving was not fixed sometimes it’s salty and sometimes sugary. But the good thing is that it was mostly healthy. I craved mostly for the fruits, orange juice, and yogurt. I also craved for caramel crunch ice-cream and occasionally for burger and subway. My food craving was at the peak when one night at 3 o’clock  I waked up Priyank because I wanted to eat Subway. 🙂

Hair, Beauty & Weight gain: One of the best thing of being pregnant is that you started glowing ! My skin have been feeling more fresh and more clear actually, it’s glowing 🙂 I did not feel any changes in my hair growth or quality.. they are same as like before! Weight gain is a major change you feel in your body during pregnancy. By the end of first trimester, my belly has changed from flat to slightly curvy and I gained about 9 lbs weight. But, I still fits in my old clothes and didn’t purchase any maternity clothes except some good maternity bras. For maternity bra, I would strongly recommend Marks & Spencers, as they really have very comfy and good in quality bras.

Reading: Being a first time parent, we have been doing a lot of research on pregnancy and parenthood on internet. We have read so many books already. I found Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn is the best. I strongly recommend this book to you if you are expecting. Also, if you guys have any other good read please share with me too!


Well, now I am in my second trimester and feel much more active and energetic. And, I think this post is pretty much sum up of my first trimester. If you have any question or recommendation about my pregnancy please feel free to drop a comment below or you can connect with me over Facebook /Instagram and I will surely get back to you.  🙂

You never understand life….. Until it grows inside of you..!!

P.S. For this post I am wearing black and white gingham top which is actually a dress.:P Due to my weight gain, I couldn’t wear it as a dress. I found this piece on Sammydress. This dress is really a great piece to add your summer wardrobe. It has the sweetest details; an off shoulder neckline with bell sleeves. This is really perfect dress to wear for casual day out with friends. For accessories, you can go for neutral or pop of color! I went with the hint of mint green that really makes this outfit more interesting and stunning!

Thank you again for all your kind words and love! I can not wait to share more with you along the way! Stay tuned!

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Sammydress (sold out), similar (here) and (here)

 Pants: H&M

Shoes: Fiorangelo

   Tote bag: SammyDress



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  1. This is so beautiful. Just made me to recall my pregnancy. Am glad you did not have much sickness, I did have vomit during this period. 2nd trimester will be much easier to deal with. Get ready to see the baby grow, some kicks and movements. stay healthy and take care <3

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