My Mom – My Best Friend

Ma, Mom, Mummy these worlds can’t be described just by jumbling of 26 alphabets. There is no love in this world like the love of a mother. As every mom is very special to her child; so is mine. She is my life, my best friend, my universe.. she is just my everything. 🙂


My personal favorite picture… 🙂


When a baby born, people starts talking about the features of baby like eyes, hair color, skin color height etc., and I am fortunate that I equally look like of two different people who love each other unconditionally and are very beautiful.. I got the smartness from my dad, and beauty from my mom. 😀 I am so thankful for the lady who brought me into this world. Though, God cast us as Mother and daughter but since the day one, she has been a sole sister and best friend.




Being the first child of my parents, I always got the much attention and love from them. As like, first love is always the first and first child is always the first. I remember very well in my childhood, my brother always has to sacrifice his things for me.. hahaha 😉 Even being a sibling of only one younger brother, I never felt the need a of sister as my mom played that role as well very well. She became my nurse when I was sick; teacher during my exams; a lawyer when papa scolds me 😉 and a master chef each and every day. I don’t know how she managed all the things so beautifully. Even though, she doesn’t have the degree in business administration but she is the best manager of our home. 🙂 During my childhood, papa used to come home only at weekends, as he was posted in a different town, but mom always played a role of hero.




Even she sacrificed her career just because of us (as she is a great painter and also good in knitting). May be in future, I will show you guys some of her creations. But mom, I am so proud of you for being a full time house wife. I am blessed that I have a mom who was always there whenever I needed someone to help me. Your presence matters more than the presents. I will always have the great memories of our clean and relaxing home and it was just because of you. Mom, you are the dearest and deepest link of my life as I want to share every damn thing with you. I just want to tell you every small things like how I have dropped my ice-cream before I could even taste it 😉  or what I cooked today, what I shopped etc… just the every small thing.




I am so glad that I have a great relationship with you mom and I hope the relationship with my future child will be similar to how I was raised. I want to be a mother that a daughter can be proud of.. just like you mom.

Love you mommy  <3

Your Daughter and No 1 Fan 🙂



Doesn’t we look like sisters 😉


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