Love You Honey

Dearest Hubby,

This is not a love letter (though you can consider it :P). But, I am writing this letter to save as a memory and a gratitude for you. Today, I am thirty nine weeks pregnant and it’s only a week or few days when our baby would be in our arms. So, before us becoming a family of three; I want to thank you from all my heart and bump: P

Thank you!!

Thank you for understanding me so well throughout my pregnancy. You have made me feel loved and beautiful at every single day of my pregnancy. You found me pretty at even when I haven’t really fixed my hairs. You are the one who see my belly and tell me that I don’t have really any stretch marks; even though, I have few. Thank you for making regular breakfast and cut fresh fruits daily for me while some time you are getting late for office or having an important meeting. And, there were the days when you cook me delicious dinner so that I can relax and give rest to my swollen feet. Thank you for taking me to my favorite place for our babymoon and always taking my belly photos. Thank you for always holding my hand bag, shopping bags, and spending hours with me for baby shopping. You really helped me a lot for decorating nursery. Thank you for always being with me when I had Dr.’s appointment and always remembering to carry water bottle, snacks, and candy for me. Thank you for always walking with me in hot and humid weather of Doha.

You really helped me to make my pregnancy so smooth and easy. You never complained when I woke you up in the mid night and kept the bedroom lights on throughout the night. Thank you for always wiping my tears, bear my mood swing, and most importantly being patient and being funny with me. Now, we are so close to meet our bundle of joy and I can’t thank you enough for being with me through this most wonderful time of my life. And, I know, you gonna be an amazing dad.

Love you Loads,

Your’s Wifey 🙂

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  1. How sweet babe … loved reading it .. and absolutely loved all your pictures ?? you look Amazing!! All the best babe … waiting to see the cutiepie!!

  2. Awwwww this post is so adorable!!! And how sweet of you to pour out your heart’s content in such amazing words. Much love and have a safe delivery babe!!!


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