Happy Women’s Day!!

Ten years that turned girls into women!!

Some epic stories start without much ado. Two girls hailing from different small towns in India became hostel neighbors. One had a sweet & shy disposition of the quintessential girl next door; other was a living dragon, with the makings that could either be a train-wreck or a creative genius.

They took their time, casually mingling for the first year. But you see when you’re locked away in a building with 500 other women, power games, gang wars, and squads happen. Chayani & I, for reasons beyond human understanding became my squad.

No, actually, I do know why. Both of us were girls that liked to have conversations and dreams that were beyond who was wearing what or dating whom. We spoke about dreams of life, men, travel, our ideas of love, and desires late into the night. Chayani always surprised me. She was always up-to impulsive ideas like a trip to Pushkar right between MBA finals to bunking & getting our hair coloured red. I was always protective and possessive of her. But truly, it was me who needed the saving.

But she is a trickster. She always has a content smile on her face – Which is why you’d think this lady has everything that she wants. Little do you know, she’s achieved the next milestone she secretly must have had in her mind.

We have physically parted ways 10 years ago. Marriage, career choices, and circumstances have taken us places. But our friendship has survived responsibilities and relations. We cannot forget that we have lived moments together that changed everything. We have been through and through for each of our metamorphosis & have given each other the best parts of each other. I remember our laughter and conversations late into the nights, the open wounds that we let each other see & heal. Only a woman friend can infuse life into the other – lift heavy moments and fill them effortless giggles. We are the mirrors that dare to show each other us our true reflections.

These two odd balls girls are now women. They have begun making a mark in the world.

You already know Chayani. I’m Priyanka Balwa – A creative strategist by pedigree, but a photographer and artist by passion. I have exhibited my works in India and I am now venturing abroad for exhibitions & hope my art and photography find a way into your homes very soon. You can have a glimpse of it :

Now, its time for Priyaniflyingbirds to thank Priyanka Balwa. It is an honor to have you as a guest on my blog on this very special day. You are truly a super woman who really inspires me and many other girls out there to go and live their dreams.

So guys, if you love her work you can follow her here

Facebook: Priyanka Balwa – Portraiture and Fine Art Photography

Instagram: Priyanka Balwa 

Here, Chayani and Priyanka are wishing happy International women’s day to all the wonderful women. Today, we want you to find time for women in your life who inspires you, who you are grateful for.. Show them your appreciation because when women support each other amazing things happen. Lets be kind to one another.. lets be supportive and empowering.

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  1. Wow, congrats to both of you lovely girls to find such a beautiful friendship in each other. Awesome talent and beautiful heart, keep rocking. You guys resemble as well ?

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