Happy first Blogiversary..!!

Happy one year to Priyani-Flyingbirds!!

Hurraaayyy…!! It’s time for the celebration….. We are really happy to announce that priyani-flyingbirds recently completed it’s 1st year blog anniversary. 🙂 Time really flies…! Honestly, I can’t believe it has been one year already. In this one year, I have grown up so much as both a blogger and person. I have met amazing people who I consider friends, traveled the world, done lots of amazing collaboration, and most importantly received so much of your love that always inspires me to give you something back. 🙂

When I first started, I never imagined that I can inspire and impact so many people. Becoming a blogger was something that I always wanted to be. But I was always puzzled by several instincts and questions in my mind -> Can I do this? I would be able to express my self? Would I get audience?

It’s all started when I got married to the love of my life and moved to Houston, Texas. In a different part of world and being a jobless was not so easy. So, I just started posting a lots of random stuff either about my amateur cooking or DIY projects, special moments of our lives or places where we traveled on Facebook and Instagram. All these posts received so many likes, thousands of amazing comments, and few personal message of appreciation about my outfit. And, that was the time when I seriously started thinking of creating my happy place where I can totally unleash my creativity, my itch for writing, my traveling stories, and my passion for fashion along with family life. After contemplating for few months with my inner demons, finally I began with food blogging( in 2015) and later added few more rooms in my happy place and Priyani Flyingbirds was born. Along this journey, I discovered myself a lot better and this is it that I truly love to do. And, with the God’s grace its turned out one of the best decision of my life.

I am so pleased with my little blog and especially you all being here with me.:) I do not want to get too emotional about how important or life changing is blogging for me. But, I actually want to say some thank yous. One for my super hubster who always encourage and push me to do what I love to do. Without him, I couldn’t be doing what I am doing today. He is the backbone of Priyani Flyingbirds. People keep asking me over and over again; how do you take such great shots? who took your couple pictures? The answer is always – Priyank. You are amazing my darling. Thank you for being my Instagram husband, thank you for letting me share our life with the world. Thank you for everything! 🙂

Thanks to all my family and friends who always believe in me, encouraged me, support me and suggesting new ideas. And, a big thanks to my fabulous followers/readers who read what I say, who comment, who encourage, who follow, who share, who believe..thank you so much for all the love and amazing support this past year. You guys are way keep this ball rolling and keep me motivated, because this blogging wouldn’t be worth without you guys. Long road to go, so many tings to learn and I hope you continue to support and encourage Priyani Flyingbirds! I love you all! 🙂

Now I am taking you down to memory lane with some pictures from the last year!!



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