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Bade bade desho mein aise chotti chotti baatein hoti rhati hain Senorita… šŸ™‚ How many of us still use these lines in our daily conversation?? Can you watch DDLJ zillion times..?? No wonder, if you say Yes…!!:) I know, I know… In India, if you are 90’s kid like me, you sure have grown up watching DDLJ and had a big crush on SRK. The movie hold a special place in the hearts of many people like me.:) I have already watched the movie dozen of times but, I still canā€™t hold my tears when Raj (akka SRK) kept fast for Simran (Akka Kajol), and I canā€™t stop smiling when Simran finally hold Rajā€™s hand and boards the train!!! From SRK’s leather jackets to Kajol’s halter neck gowns, from Yamaha bike to Bullet, from playing soccer to mandolian, from Punjab to Europe,Ā everything about the film was trendy, cool and loved by our generation.

Dil Waale Dulhaniya Le Jayenege.. šŸ˜›

Many memorable parts of the movie were shot in Switzerland and this is the reason that Switzerland has been a dream destination for Ā millions like me who wanted to be there on the very same location while holding the hands of your loved one. As Priyank (my very own Raj) was very well aware of my love for Bollywood and specially for SRK. So, heĀ planned a long 9 days trip to Switzerland back in 2016.Oh Gosh..!!! I was so excited….. just dreaming of being at the exact same locationsĀ where the movie scenes were shot gave me goosebumps. I wanted to go each and every locationĀ to make my own DDLJ Trail with love of my life.

A beautiful Swiss house..!!
Happy Dance … šŸ˜› šŸ˜€

Finally the day came when we landed to Zurich Airport; the very first thing IĀ noticed was red choorah. You will see so many newly married couples in swiss for their honeymoon. Seriously, Yash Chopra really gave big travel goal to all honeymooners especially from India. Even at the custom, we met an Indian couple who come to Switzerland to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and recreate the memories of their honeymoon:) how cute ..!! DDLJ increased the tourist influx from India so much in the past decade, In-fact, byĀ realizing the magnitude and importanceĀ of the work that Yash Chopra did in promoting the SwissĀ country to the Indian travelers, Swiss government has named a train, a lake, and a hotel suite after the great man. proud moment for all Indians. šŸ™‚

I am the happiest soul..!!

But , I found Switzerland more Ā beautiful than Yash Chopra’s movie moments. It’s more beautiful, more peaceful and more romantic. Switzerland is blessed with the unspoilt beauty of the Alps.The mountains are a bit higher, the valleys a bit deeper, the greenery a bit greener, and the scenery a bit prettier than anywhere else. Switzerland is something that I can’t possibly put in the words. nothing could be more beautiful than switzerland. In-fact, words like ā€œmagicalā€, ā€œawstruckā€, ā€œincredibleā€ can’t explain the beauty of this country. Undoubtedly, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful country of the world. I know if you are reading this, you must be planning for a Swiss trip.:) As we have already done ample of reserch ,so here is a little help from our side for those who are planning to visit switzerland and want to make DDLJ dream come true..!!

Somewhere in Switzerland

On the 3rd day of our trip We were off to explore our DDLJ locations. The Golden Pass Train route covers most of the iconic locations of DDLJ. The journey begins from Montreux where you can board an old school Classic Vintage or a Panoramic Train. Luckily, we got chance to experiment both the trains by missing our train šŸ˜› In our DDLJ trail, theĀ first stop was Sannen….

Enjoying the classic vintage ride… and It feels like I’m a Queen…!! šŸ˜›

Saanen, SwitzerlandĀ 
Saanen is such a picturesque village. It is very small village and most of the shooting locations are very close to station. The Sannen railway station has its own story. It is the one where Raj and Simran wait for their next Train to Zurich when they first missed their train. and there is also the place on right side of the station where Kajol sits and Right postcard back to home. The next is Saanen Bridge or “Palat- Palat” bridge which is situated next to the railway station. You can also see the DDLJ church in pictures but unfortunately it was under construction. however our research shows that church exterior was shot in Saanen but interior was different one which is in Bern. Right behind the bridge you will see the airstrip (sorry guys, I forgot to click the picture of that strip) where the scene in the song “Mere khwabon mei” was shot while Kajol sing a song in her own dream world and Srk run behind the airplane and looks soo handsome …;)

Saanen – Railway Station

I didn’t write and send postcard back to home from here, but i bought so many gifts for family.:)
Palat-Palat bridge moment.. !! šŸ˜€
Under constructed Church.. !!

Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad Ā is also a very tiny yet charming village. It is Ā also a popular ski destination and extremely famous among celebrities like Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and now frequently visited by our very own Nawabi couple of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. It is full of international brands and local shops. A Part of the song “Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main” was shot in the main promenade of Gstaad. So, the Early Beck shop is the one where Kajol is drunk in the song “Zara Sa Jhoom lo” and she runs past this shop and also enters in and picks someĀ chocolates and leave Raj to pay the bills…!! We enjoyed some snacksĀ here and I made sure that Priyank pays the bill. šŸ™‚

Craving for Chocolates… šŸ˜›
Happy Faces..!! šŸ˜€
I was not drunk..,Wish, I could.. šŸ˜›
Gstaad prommenade
How beautifully Swiss people decorate their own garden..!!!

I read it many timesĀ that Yash Chopra visited this quiet little piece of heaven during his honeymoon and fell in love with this beautiful town. So, he continued to return here with his movies.

Zweisimmen, Switzerland
Zweisimmen is again a small mountain picturesque town near Gstaad. Raj and Simran miss their train at this tiny train station of Zweisimmen, and inquire about the next train to Zurich. And, this twist of trail leads them to take a road trip together. It is not very difficult to spot out the DDLJ everywhere. I started with my cowbell shopping from the very famous Kiosk where Raj and Simran fight with each other to buy first and missed their train. I guess, aĀ large number of Indian tourists flock the shop everyĀ year just like us… So, the shop owners was very wellĀ aware about the popularity of this Indian movie.:) TheĀ platformĀ from whichĀ Simran runs behind the train is also theĀ platform number 8 of the Zweisimmen railway station.

Moment of the Day..!!:)
That platform no-8
My handsome šŸ™‚

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is the city that Yash Chopra made his own. This is the place where he shot many parts of DDLJ and otherĀ movies. Here is also the Yash Chopraā€™s favorite lake, Lake Lungerersee. This emerald color lake features in one of the most romantic songs of our time “Tujhe Dekha To ye Jana Sanam”. This lake has been re-named to Lake Chopra by the Swiss government, honoring Yash Chopraā€™s contribution in making Switzerland a popular destination among Indians. Also, Swiss government honored himĀ with the title of “Ambassador of Interlaken”.

Japanese Garden – Interlaken
Lake Lungerersee

Here, we are ending our DDLJ trail…. The moments spent in this beautiful country are so unforgettable and keep flashing in my mind every now and then. I am already craving to watch this movie again and I am sure you guys also. Though, I didn’t dance around the hills in my Chiffon saree but I really didĀ everything that Kajol did right from missing train, singing songs to dancing in the background of snow capped alps, beautifulĀ castles and picturesque architecture. I absolutely lived my Swiss dream exploring mountains, snow and greenery, and clicking some exotic postcard pictures. Afterall, it was a really long awaited dream come true. šŸ™‚

Gud bye Swiss..!! Hope to see you soon sometime..:)

So, guys …. Come Fall…. In Love…!! And make your own DDLJ trail. If you have any query/suggestions plz do leave a comment below or contact us.

Happy Travelling…!!


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  1. shandaar ….fully filmy pozes…u always maintain the charmness…..perfect stylo???…always keep maintain these styles…god bless u baby

  2. Beautiful captures hun and they make me wanna go to Switzerland right now. Definitely obsessed by this gorgeous location and you guys did a great job.

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