Hello Fellas,

Bell is ringing… Spring is just about to end and the time for ice-creams, shakes, smoothies, and top of among all picnics is signaling for the arrival of summer. Yeahhh its picnic 🙂 I guess no one forgets oldy-goldy childhood days when we used to go for picnics with friends and family. How awesome those days were….and always makes me nostalgic.. 🙂

This post is from my last year summer story, when me and my hubby had a picnic party at Herman Park in Houston. This is one of the best places to visit in the entire city. The park is massive with multiple playgrounds and splash pads for kids, an outdoor theater, paddle boats in the lake with wildlife, an Asian garden, running trails, bbq areas, restaurant and even a toy train. It is just a really swell place to go.

Since it was a time of bit hot summer; It is now the perfect time to mix and match bright with light. So girls. giggle out your wardrobe to create your flavor, as I created mine with Hot Pink and Light Grey to look chick and classy. As we were on picnic so day involve lots of walking and many more fun activities.. so I decided to paired with my running shoes.. As there is a famous saying.. “Good shoes takes you good places”..

I would love to hear from you guys what is your take on this look??… Keep sharing your feedback and love..

Happy summers ahead with lots of picnics and fun together with your’s …. 😉

Love Always..



P.S: Don’t mind.. this pup was following me everywhere 😉







My Wardrobe:

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Lee
Shoes: Dr Scholl
Watch: Accessorize


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