Bhindi Do Pyaja

The hindi name of okra/ lady finger is bhindi and pyaj is for onion. In this recipe, we use the double amount of onions, so we called it Bhindi do pyaja.


This dish is very popular in north India especially in Punjab and found in the menu of almost every restaurant. Even in Doha (Qatar), mostly Indian restaurants menu have this dish. You may find various recipes for Bhindi Do Pyaja, but the recipe of my mom is always the favorite one for me and my hubby.:) Usually, pepole always complain about the stickiness and sliminess of bhindi. But, the recipe that I am posting here directly comes from my mom’s kitchen… and it is quite simple, non- sticky  and of-course yummy..!!

Bhindi Do Pyaja makes a wonderful menu for both lunch or dinner. It goes very well with phulkas, nans, puris, paratha or you can have it as a side dish along with daal- chawal.?

Recipe – Main course

Cuisine – North India


Colla_1 Colla_3

500 gms bhindi 2 large chopped onions 4-5 chopped green chilies 1/4th cup chopped kachha-aam 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1/2 tsp red chili powder 1 tsp garam masala 3 tbsp oil salt as required


Firstly, wash the bhindi very well then keep them aside on a tray to let them completely dry or you can wipe them completely with a kitchen napkin. Once, bhindi get dry, chop them nicely as shown in picture. Now, add oil or ghee in a pan and add chopped bhindis and chilies. Saute them on a medium to low flame till the bhindi get slightly tender (Do not lid the pan). Now, add sliced onion, kachha-aam (you can skip kachha-aam with amchur powder), turmeric powder, red chilli and salt. Mix the bhindis well.


Cook the bhindi on a low flame till it gets tender and cooked. Please do not over-cook the bhindis. Lastly, add the garam masala with bhindi do pyaja and mix it well and your dish is ready to serve.


P.S: 1) Always use dry bhindi. If you just wash them and chop them they become sticky.
2) Do not cover the pan in whole recipe if you dont want the bhindi do pyaja sticky.
3) If you are using amchur powder then add with garam masala. It also help to reduce the stickiness of bhindi.

Do try this recipe in your kitchen, I am sure you will love it..

Stay Healthy and Happy Republic Day..!!



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