Beauty Is Happiness..!!

Beauty is Happiness..!!

Beauty has already been defined in so many ways and all have their own interpretation of it. For me, it is all about happiness and not confined to the Victoria Secret models or a Disney Princess or a woman having a perfect figure along with glowing skin and shiny long hair. It is also not restricted to the how fierce  my eyes brows are or how strong the contour is. Yes, these all materialistic things may help me look good but could not make me beautiful.

Beauty is all about some happy moments that I share with my husband, family, and good friends. 🙂 I feel beautiful when Priyank holds  my hand  during our evening walks, when I celebrate good times with family, when I had a late night chit-chat with some old good friends, when I sit in front of the ocean with sand on my feet or walk on the beaches, when I dance in hot summer rain, when I write a new post for you…. and list goes on and on..;)  These are the times and things which make me feel beautiful either that time my hair are messy or I am super sweaty but I feel beautiful because I am alive.. I am happy. 🙂

This post is really special to me because it has so many happy moments, as it was all shot in my Dad’s village. During my last visit to India in the summer of 2016, we all family members decided to visit to our village after such a long time. When we reached there; the love we received from all those lovely people was unconditional. We all were overwhelmed and it was one of the most happiest moment of my life. Also, I felt very close to the nature as, I could hear the sound of cow bells and the very sweet audible tweets of birds. 🙂 During the shoot, having Priyank along with my family was also so much fun and happy moment. Also, my soulmate Parul Sharma accompanied me to style this look. They say, it’s always good to have a close friend to work with, as they know you better and also give their best to look better. Thank you my love for making this shoot so stunning.

This post is in collaboration with “The Trinket Shop” which is one of the another name of happiness. It is run by a very sweet girl named Bhagya Suresh on Instagram (Link). She has a range of hand made jewelries like necklace, nose-pins, rings, and bracelets etc. She is one of the very fine and genuine girl to let you select the most suitable product based on your own styling in-addition to her personal touch on beautiful packaging to send it out to you. So girls, go and checkout the beautiful and pocket friendly collection of “The Trinket Shop” and pairing them with your outfit this holiday and up-coming wedding season.

Hope you guys liked the gallery. Keep sending me your love and wishes, as I really enjoy reading each of your messages, comments, and emails. They all really make me beautiful.

Wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!! See you in 2017 🙂

Stay connected. Lots of Love


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