Babymoon in Greece – Tips & Essentials

Over the last decade, there is new trend in the world of Social media and Pintrest is Babymoon. Few love it while few hate it. Priyank and I are one of those couples who absolutely have no complain with this trend, after all it’s time to celebrate your pregnancy! It’s the time not only to relax, enjoy, and celebrate but also to discuss and plan for the new arrival! 🙂  Since the time in January when we found out that our little bundle of joy is on the way; we decided to take a much needed Babymoon getaway to our most lusted destination: Greece!

Last month in May we made it to happen and set our foot at the beautiful Greece. Our baby moon was really one of the most relaxing vacation that we have been ever. Greece is the perfect destination to relax, celebrate, and enjoy each other’s company before you Two becomes Three! 😛

Since Pregnancy is a very delicate matter and should be treated with extra care and precaution especially if it’s your first born. For that reason, I have included some travel tips that might be beneficial for all the expectant mommy out there as we have already spent so much time on researching what to do, what to eat, what to pack? May be I sound a bit to careful and worried in this matter but its always good to be safe rater than sorry! So here you go:

1. When to Go: The best time to go to Babymoon is the second trimester when mom-to-be is past all first-trimester nausea and tiredness, and feels more energetic and comfortable. I was in my week 20 when we went and it could not have been a better time for us. Greece is an ideal country for every season but the best months for summer babymoon are from April to mid June. During this time temperature is not so high also these months are less crowded.

2. Consult your Doctor: Before planning your babymoon make sure to clear the trip with your doctor. If your pregnancy is considered high-risk, or if you’re planning to travel late in your pregnancy, she may not allow you to travel. When travelling abroad you need to get a letter of approval from your doctor because most airlines want to see a medical record from your doctor as you are fit to travel. Also, keep in mind if you are visiting Greece for babymoon better choose a popular Greek island such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Naxos and Paros that have hospitals and private clinics to helps you in case of emergency. So that you have a feeling of security and would be able to enjoy and relax in full and no worry at all.

3. Make a short Trip: When plan your babymoon always keep in mind the destination should not be so far. Do not take a flight longer than 5-6 hours as it may result in very tiredness and exhaustion. Luckily, we were only few travelers in the flight from Doha to Athens so I decided to sleep on middle row (4 seats) Pheeeeeewwwwww 🙂 If you are transit to Greek island via Athens consider to take flight instead of ferries. As, flight duration will be very less compared to ferry and also you do not have to deal with seasickness. (On the other note, ferries are always and always late so better opt for fly.) Also, instead of using public bus for your trip around the island rent a car. Although, it will be a little costlier but much more convenient for you and your baby.

4. Pack wisely and lightly: I always been kinda girl who packed almost all the wardrobe while on vacation: P but this time I really have to be mindful. I made sure that I had lots of comfy yet stylish clothes and my search ends on ASOS. Also, make sure that you packed comfy shoes or sandals as roads in Greece are not smooth. Additionally, do not forget to pack under the bump panties and maternity bras (LOL!!) 😆 and a perfect sunscreen lotion and hat is compulsory  as Sun is always shinning in Greece and remember your skin is much more sensitive during pregnancy. Craving and hunger are the most common phase of pregnancy so always keeps some snacks with you that will really work as a life saver in between you meals or when you have to wait for ferries for transit one island to other.

5. Spend the quality time along together: We really spent some of the most special and precious days of our life in each other’s company. I always hear people used to say that everything will be changed and limited once you have a baby. Of course, life will change once the bump becomes baby but that doesn’t mean that the baby moon will be last time you have some fun. I know, we really had amazing first three years of marriage. And I couldn’t ask for a better guy to spend life life with. To be honest, I will really miss our time as a couple but we are ready for coming great adventure. Our travel lust won’t go away; we already have big plans to keep exploring the world together with our growing family. 🙂
I wish every expecting parent get opportunity to relax and enjoy some quality time before embarking the journey of Parenthood. I would highly highly recommend one or may be two Babymoon. 😛 for every parent to be.

*Thank you Sadiraj Photography for capturing these moments that we will cherish for Life!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please share your baby moon adventure and travel tips! I would really love to hear them.

Until next time!

Dreaming to be in Greece!!

“Babymoon is not the end of your travels, It’s just the beginning of the greatest adventure you will embark on- Parenthood.”

What I wore:

 Dress- Asos (Now on Sale!)

Shoes- Zara

What Priyank wore:

Shirt- Zara

Trouser- Marks & Spencer

Watch- Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes- Aldo


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  1. I loved reading this post. So much of information in here. Beautiful pictures and I wish I could have gone for babymoon during my pregnancy ?

  2. Such lovely moments captured so beautifully babe!! You guys create magic together and definitely the photographer did an amazing job!!!

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